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Dr. Jonathan M. Kaye
President and CEO
Education: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Ph.D. in Computer Science
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
B.A. in Computer Science
Dr. Jonathan M. Kaye is a computer-programming expert with experience in developing software programs for biomedical visualization. Prior to his doctoral studies, Dr. Kaye worked at IBM for two years as an associate programmer in the Natural Language Programming Department. Dr. Kaye's subsequent experience includes assisting with the design and implementation of a decision-support tool for physicians managing penetrating trauma in the emergency room.

He was the principal programmer responsible for system development for this University of Pennsylvania project, as well a major contributor in resolving design issues. Before his full-time commitment to Amethyst, Dr. Kaye worked with the Veterans' Administration Hospital in Philadelphia as a Research Fellow, which enabled him to continue his development of the virtual environment, extending its breadth and depth.

Dr. Kaye's awards and honors include the following:

  • First Prize in Student Paper Competition, American Medical Informatics Assoc., 1997

  • Recipient of the 1997 Morris and Dorothy Rubinoff Award for best dissertation in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania for applied computer technology.

  • Research Fellow, 1996, Philadelphia VA Medical Center

  • Melvin C. Goldberg Fellowship for Research in Israel, 1992

Selected Publications

  • Clarke, J.R., Webber, B.L., Gertner, A., Kaye, J., Rymon, R., On-line Decision Support for Emergency Trauma Management. Electronic poster session for the Eighteenth Symposium on Computer Applications for Medical Care (SCAMC-94), November, 1994.

  • Ogunyemi, O., Kaye, J., Clarke, J.R., Webber, B.L., Generating Penetration Path Hypotheses for Multiple Trauma, in the Proceedings of the Nineteenth Symposium on Computer Applications for Medical Care (SCAMC-95), October, 1995, pp. 42-6.

  • Kaye, J., F.P. Primiano, Jr., D. Metaxas, Anatomical and Physiological Simulation for Respiratory Mechanics, J Img Guid Surg, 1(3), 1995, pp. 164-171.

  • Kaye, J., D. Metaxas, F.P. Primiano, Jr., A 3D Virtual Environment for Modeling Mechanical Cardiopulmonary Interactions, Med Imag An, 2(2), 1997.

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