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High Frequency Ventilation
George RJ, RJ Winter, MA Johnson, IP Slee, and DM Geddes Effect of oral high frequency ventilation by jet or oscillator on minute ventilation in normal subjects Thorax 1985 40: 749-755
Hamilton, PP, Onayemi, A, Smyth, JA, et al (1983) Comparison of conventional and high-frequency ventilation: oxygenation and lung pathology. J Appl Physiol 55(1 Pt 1),131-138
Pillow JJ, H Neil, MH Wilkinson CA Ramsden Effect of I/E ratio on mean alveolar pressure during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation J Appl Physiol 1999 87: 407-414.
Velmahos GC, LS Chan, R Tatevossian, EE Cornwell, WR.Dougherty, J Escudero, D Demetriades (1999) High-frequency Percussive Ventilation Improves Oxygenation in Patients With ARDS Chest 116: 440-446.
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